Sunday, March 5, 2017

NOTD: The Last Petal

Here's the Beauty and the Beast tie in, The Last Petal:
Actually (if you want to be literal) I think a dying red rose would be darker than this, but anyway, it does a good job of mimicking that darkened rose kind of color. It's a beautiful polish.

Later in the week I added RBL Bubblegum Punk (sorry it's all chipped, but I had had it on for a good while at that point):
I almost deleted this picture, just because I think it's prettier than you can tell from this, but I'll leave it for the record, I guess! (I should have a Bubblegum Punk post coming up soon, it's one of the few I haven't gotten around to showing yet.)

(Also for the record, I actually wore this one before that NOTD in the last post. I'm just late getting it up here.)

(I was going to add the other manicure I did in the last couple of weeks, which was Stone Cold Karma and then RBL Pretty Gritty, but I don't seem to have the picture.)

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