Tuesday, March 28, 2017

I Love You

This is Sinful Colors I Love You, which was in my SC top 5:
It's glitter in a purple jelly base. I shook this up and so you can't really see where the line is on this bottle, but it's about half empty. Like many jellies, it takes a bunch of coats to get to the bottle color, and I think that's why it so low, because I've used 3-4 coats every time I wear it. The wheel swatch (which is #3 on the wheel) is three coats. I went out looking for a backup bottle of this at least a couple of years ago, and it was already discontinued then. Which is a shame, because I do love this polish. (I poked around and found it on eBay for about $15 and Amazon for $8 including shipping - I'm not sure I need it quite that bad.)

"I Love You" is a bit of a strange name for a polish - it always makes me think of Barney even though it's not actually the right shade of purple for the big dinosaur. There are some other old colors of Sinful Colors that have similar names, though, so I think it was something more like an emoji thing, or something like that, instead of a Barney thing. - Aha, Scrangie has pictures of the whole collection (from 2009), and I have three of them. There's no themed collection name but several of the names are in that vein - I Love You, I Miss You, Call Me Later. All About You and Nail Junkie, both of which I have, are also from this collection.

Added: old post about this polish and a newer one.

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