Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Nail wheel overflow: Take Ten and more

Here's a nail wheel that I haven't posted before:
1-10 are the ten polishes in the OPI Take 10 mini set that was around at the holidays. 11-20 are just assorted Christmas gifts and new purchases from around that time:
1. Pirouette My Whistle
2. Alpine Snow
3. Bubble Bath
4. Tickle My France-y
5. You Don't Know Jacques
6. Cajun Shrimp
7. Big Apple Red
8. German-icure by OPI
9. Malaga Wine
10. Lincoln Park After Dark
11. Pyrite (Pahlish)
12. Blood of the Mountain (Pahlish)
13. Sunset Flare (Serum No. 5) (2 coats)
14. Chyna (Pixie Dust) (1 coat)
15. EmpoweRED (Rococo)
16. EmpoweRED Toner over EmpoweRED  (multiple coats - 4?)
17. Believe in Believing (Pipe Dream Polish) over China Flower
18. Poppy Fields (Serum No. 5) over China Flower
19. China Flower (Revlon Parfumerie)
20. Pink Pineapple (Revlon Parfumerie)

It's hard to tell a lot on these very pale ones, but Pirouette My Whistle appears to be white and silver glitter (more specifically, I think, white hexes and silver microglitter) in a clear base. Alpine Snow is almost-white, where Bubble Bath is actually very pale pink, I believe. And Tickle My France-y is a nude pink, or you might possibly call it a pale mauve - and since mauve seems to be trendy this spring for the first time in ages, that's a distinction that might be important in some circles!

Then we have the famous You Don't Know Jacques, which I guess you would call a dark taupe, and Cajun Shrimp, an orange-red, and Big Apple Red, a more classic red. And last in this bunch is German-icure by OPI, which seems to be on its way to becoming another OPI classic. It's sort of in that "chocolate cherry" range. (Look at Polishaholic's swatches down toward the bottom of this entry - she looks at a couple of possible dupes there, too.)

The two darkest of the OPI set were Malaga Wine - which is actually darker than it appears here, I think, a nice glossy burgundy - and Lincoln Park After Dark, which a lot of people will already have, I know. (Although OPI junkies will have most or all of these 10 already, I imagine.) Then we move into other brands - these two were my post-Christmas purchases from Pahlish - Pyrite and Blood of the Mountain. I am already on record online as not being a huge fan of Blood on the Mountain - the holo-ness of it just doesn't come out unless you get out into really full daylight, and the rest of the time I thought it looked a bit more like dried blood than I'd like. (I guess I should let that be a lesson to me, right? Don't buy a polish with "blood" in the name and then be surprised when it turns out to actually look like blood.) I do really adore Pyrite, though - it's a gold foil in varying shades, giving it a really antique look on your nails. Highly recommended, and as I think I mentioned the other day, there are only a few left on Pahlish's website.

Okay, 13 is from the Serum No. 5 Glowmelon collection, meaning it's supposed to glow in the dark. I never have seen any evidence of that myself (partly because I don't much care!), but it does really do a nice "sunset" glow in the sunlight, which is good enough for me. It has enough pink to it that I can wear it without it making me look excessively yellow. 14 is Zoya Chyna, the Pixie Dust. It glitters a lot more than is visible in this picture, and the glitter is dark red. It's beautiful. Next we have the Rococo EmpoweRED duo. 15 is the red on its own, and 16 has multiple coats of toner - I think it was 4 coats, maybe. You do see a visible difference in the colors between 15 and 16, but it takes a lot of coats of toner to get there.

I decided to try a couple of things over China Flower, because that was what we had handy. First is Believe in Believing, a Pipe Dream Polish, over China Flower. Believe in Believing is various large fuchsia glitters in a pink jelly base. Poppy Fields has largish square glitters and smaller glitters in a red jelly base, and I believe it also has a sprinkling of black glitter - perhaps to represent the stamens of the poppies. Then 19 is Revlon Parfumerie China Flower, a red that perhaps leaned just a bit pink, and then 20 in Pink Pineapple. They smell very nice - not too strong at all.

13&14 bonus:
I think I mostly wanted to post this picture of the orange Serum No. 5, Sunset Flare from the Glowmelon group. It has a lovely pinky-peach tinge that wasn't showing up in the larger picture.

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