Monday, March 31, 2014

Odds & ends

I was already plotting what I was going to buy when Zoya has their Earth Day sale that they always have, but then I realized that two of the things I was plotting about were discontinued: specifically, all three of the Fleck Effect polishes seem to be, which is Chloe & Opal & Maisie. I know flakies were last year's - or actually year-before-last's - trend, but I still like them and I was going to buy another bottle of Chloe, and maybe one of Opal, too. But oh well, that's how it goes, right? There are still plenty of other flakies around, I just have to buy them elsewhere.

Oh, I had one little update that I was going to note in case somebody is really paying attention, and that's that I have to retract a little bit of the nice things I said about those Epielle makeup remover towelettes a couple of weeks ago, because it turns out that the citrus ones, at least, irritate my skin on repeated use. I still have the cucumber ones to try, and I also bought another package of the Orchid-brand ones as a backup. (I'll try to remember to report back on the cucumber-scented ones. They sound more soothing, don't they?) Also, in all fairness, I have to say that I have super-(SUPER-)sensitive skin these days, so most people might not have the degree of problem with this I do. I never used to, but boy, I do now.

I'm about to have to redo my nails after I wash my hair, I'm sure, because they're already a bit worn on the tips and I haven't even done it yet, but I've had Two Cents (or maybe it's singular, actually, Two Cent), the Sonia Kashuk that I bought on clearance, on for several days and I love it. It's coppery brown with a bit of a metallic finish - not overly flashy, but really pretty.

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