Sunday, March 30, 2014

Blue-green stash

In the neverending stash project*, today we have blue-greens, starting with the more green end of things and working down toward blue:

Row 1: Viridian, Darkest Emerald Luxe, Racy Green, Zuza, Thames
Row 2: Henley Regatta, East Village, Deeper Dive, unlabeled Accessorize glitter, Mermaid's Tale
Row 3: Evening Emerald, Miss Universe,  Party by the Pool, Glee, Teal of Fortune
Row 4: Nail Junkie, So Blue Without You, Bells Will Be Blinging

Viridian & Darkest Emerald do look very green next to the rest of these, but if you put them with the greens they have a distinct blue tinge. I'm not sure I'd call So Blue Without You "blue-green" at all, really, it's awfully close to being a pure cyan blue. But on the day I took this picture I felt like it belonged with the blue-greens.

Less than a year ago, I had arguably maybe half-a-dozen blue-greens. (And hmm, one of them is Maisie and that's not even in the picture above. It's probably in a box of topcoats somewhere.)

*Maybe I'll start officially calling it that, with caps: The Neverending Stash Project. Because I'm beginning to think it's quite accurately just that.

Added: Things in this picture I've never worn (because I'm trying to be more aware of this): Viridian and Darkest Emerald? (I'm not quite sure about the former); Deeper Dive, the Accessorize glitter, Miss Universe, and possibly Nail Junkie (which, if I haven't worn, I need to wear stat!)

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