Thursday, March 13, 2014

A study in green

Aaand here we go again with the stash posts. This is the third time in a little less than a year that I've done pictures of my stash - first by color, then by a couple of months ago by brand, and now by color again. This time I will probably take my time more with getting them up than I did last year, but I have the beginning here, anyway. My green stash - and my stash in general - has grown a good bit in that time, which is partly why I'm doing this again. And since I've also done nail wheels of everything in the meantime, I know my stash much better than I did. Last time green went last, but this time I'm in St. Patrick's Day mode, so it's going first.

So, here we go, and I made the pictures slightly bigger so you could really see the bottles. I had good sunlight so the colors should be fairly true! Part 1:
Top row (L-R): Editorial (mini), Slightly Unstable, Goblin (mini), Walker Bait, Irene, Leaf Him At the Altar, Patricia, Rainforest, Boughs of Holly, Veruschka (Matte Velvet)
Bottom row: Two Timer Stars, Rock Candy (Gumdrops), Rags To Riches, Kale (mini), Agro, Crocadilly (magnetic), Lizard Belly, Chita, Bottle Green (mini), N-evergreen (mini)

(Untrieds in this picture: Editorial, Goblin, Veruschka, Rock Candy, Chita?)

and the rest:
Top row: both minis - Chupacabra and unnamed apple green
Bottom Row: Topaz, Rikki, This Is Tree-mendous, Mistletoe (another Gumdrops), Emerald Green, Tenacious Teal, unnamed green mini, CE61 aka Ipanema Girl, Kaboom, Ivy League, Cutie Colada

(Layla polishes only have numbers on the bottle, but when you Google them you always find a name to go with it. I'm not sure why it works that way. But I'm not complaining, because names are easier to remember than numbers, that's for sure.)

(Untrieds in this picture: only Mistletoe, and the unnamed minis)

For comparison, here's my green stash from last spring:
Two of those aren't even greens (this was the last picture I took, so those two on the lower right were "strays" that hadn't made it into the previous pictures), and at least one - Racy Green, on the lower left - I've included with the blue-greens this time around. So I had 9 or 10 greens, depending on how you count - and now I've got 30-odd. Wow. I don't actually think there will be quite as much difference in every picture - overall I think the size of my stash has doubled, more or less. Which is a lot of polish in one year, any way you look at it.

In case anybody cares, here's my rule about labeling (aka Blogger's tag system): I don't have an absolute threshold on putting up the "too many to name" label - but when there's a lot I go to using that + "other brands" if applicable - it usually is, it means brands that are not in my label list - + "indies" if applicable, AND if I'm not feeling pressed for time I try to at least put in the brands that show up more than once. But Blogger does have a limit on the number of labels you can put on a post, and if I try to get every brand in on a post like this one I do hit it, I have managed to several times. So I've quit trying on that one.

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