Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Nail wheel 20

This is my 20th nail wheel, which feels to me like I've reached some kind of milestone.
  1. Darkest Emerald (1 coat) (Rococo)
  2. Silver Glitter (1 coat) (Barry M LE)
  3. After Party (1 coat) (Icing)
  4. Show Stopper (1 coat) (Sinful Colors)
  5. Glitter All the Way (1 coat) (China Glaze)
  6. Editorial (1 coat) (Color Club duochrome)
  7. Miss Universe (1 coat) (Essence Colour & Go)
  8. Travel in Colour (C.Glaze) over It's Genius (Essie)
  9. Sugar Plum Fairies Gone Wild (SOPI) over Fig (Sinful)
  10. Purple Poodle over Domestic Goddess (SOPI)
  11. Purple Poodle (3 coats) (Orly)
  12. Rich Raspberry (2 coats) (Colorstay)
  13. Fall Mood (2 coats) (Colorstay)
  14. Rags to Riches (2 coats) (Rimmel Lasting Finish)
  15. Posh (Zoya Matte Velvet) (with top coat on tip)
  16. Be Merry, Be Bright (C.Glaze) over Posh
  17. Poppy Field (Serum No. 5) over In Through the Out Door over Rich Raspberry
  18. In Through the Out Door (Pipe Dream Polish) over Rich Raspberry
  19. Amethyst Accent (Finger Paints)
  20. Rockin' Renaissance (Finger Paints)
I started doing something a little different on this wheel: I'm always forgetting to take pictures of various manicures, so on my layered manicures I've started just reproducing them on the nail wheel. That way I have some record of what they looked like, even if I don't have a picture of them on my hands. I'll talk about those as I get to them in the detail pictures, but I just wanted to mention that little innovation in general, first.

For some reason, I swatched the 6 polishes I got from Holly twice - the first time with multiple coats and the 2nd time, here, with only one of each. I'm not entirely sure now what I was thinking when I decided to do that, but it's interesting to see, on some of them. I did it with Darkest Emerald, too, so in fact 1-7 are all polishes I have swatched before. I showed comparisons of 1-coat-vs-many way back over here, so I'm not going to go through those again. We'll start with #8 instead.

Here's 8 and 9, which are two of those manicures I was talking about:
First we have Travel in Colour over Essie It's Genius. I did say that the picture I took back in February was deceptive, and you will notice that this one does look quite different. The second one is Sugar Plum Fairies Gone Wild (which is SOPI and so discontinued unless you can find it on clearance somewhere like Big Lots) over Sinful Colors Fig. The overall color is pretty similar on these two, but you can also see from the bottom layer peeking out at the bottom of each nail that Fig is a good bit darker than It's Genius.

Here's 8-11 - my pictures seem to overlap a good bit here:
11 is Orly Purple Poodle on its own; 10 is that same polish over Domestic Goddess, a middle-of-the-road red-violet. The color doesn't seem much different, but I notice from my notes at the time that I found P.Poodle by itself to be too sheer for my liking.

12 and 13 are Colorstays that I got at Big Lots, Rich Raspberry and Fall Mood. 14 is Rags to Riches, which I guess is supposed to be money-colored? and 15 is a Zoya which I got back at Christmas but don't seem to have swatched previously, Posh, from the Matte Velvets. (They're pretty in their matte state but so far I have mostly ended up wearing them with topcoat, so I swatched them half-and-half so you can see both ways.)

These next three - or well, 17 in particular, and to a much lesser degree the other two - are what I was referring to as my "crazy Valentine's manicures" - 16 was Be Merry, Be Bright on top of Posh. The base for 17 & 18 is the Colorstay just above (#12). 18 just has In Through the Out Door, but 17 is both of those with Poppy Fields on top of that. As I said back at the time I did this, it isn't really something I would want to wear any time other than Valentine's Day, but for that one day of the year, I actually quite liked it. Slightly excessive, maybe, but fun.

And to finish off, here's 19 and 20, both Finger Paints:
Here is Amethyst Accents on my nails (with and without further glitter on top); I haven't worn the other one yet. One odd thing about the new releases from Finger Paints is that they're not labeling their textures (like Rockin' Renaissance here) as textures, but it clearly is. Maybe their thinking is that people just level out the texture with topcoat anyway, half the time - I don't know. But textures have been so popular that it seems a bit odd to me not to mark them as such!

Believe it or not, I have one more wheel already filled up. I'll get around to showing you that one soon.

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