Thursday, February 13, 2014

Merry & Posh

Here's today's nails (which were actually done two days ago, on top of a manicure that's now five days old):
This is Be Merry, Be Bright over Posh (excuse the somewhat lobstery hands, I think it's the fluorescents). I was attempting to do a glitter fade + all-over accent on the ring finger, but it was not my most successful attempt at that, every nail is a little different. But I doubt that anybody has looked close enough to notice. It's pretty and shiny and that's what counts. It looks much more pink than Posh alone looks. As usual, it's much prettier than you can tell from the picture.

I got called into work at the last minute, and I wasn't real happy about that generally, but especially because the sun was out for the first time in a week or so, and I could have taken pictures. Honestly, that was the first thing that occurred to me when I woke up, was, "Sun! Pictures!" And then I had to dash off to work instead. Hopefully the sun will not wait another week to come back.

I scored Cult Nails Fetish from the Llarowe restock. It's my very first Cult Nails, y'all. (As of the middle of the night when I am looking at this, there's still lots of stuff left, looks like - it was Cadillacquer, Cult, and Hare Polish that got restocked.) (oh my god, Wrapped in Plastic, it's a good thing I didn't notice that one earlier - and I will now pretend I didn't see it. I loved Twin Peaks.)

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