Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Another scented polish, and recent manis

Here's a new-to-me brand, seen in a Walgreen's that I don't normally go in - Tea Beauty? Another scented polish - apparently made by a fragrance company, so that part makes sense.
None of these colors grabbed me enough that I was willing to pay $4.99 to try them out. Hopefully they will be around again with a better color selection! I was iffy on the scented-polish idea, in general - originally I thought it sounded like a horrible idea, but I have gradually tried a few and found that the scent is actually pretty subtle on the ones I've tried, so I've now grown more accustomed to the concept. It's not really a draw, to me, though, I admit - I doubt that I'm ever going to buy a polish just because it's scented.

Let's see, in recent manis... when last heard from on this subject, I think I was wearing Blood of the Mountain. (I remain not entirely in love with that polish. I've loved every other Pahlish I've had, so it's certainly nothing against them!) Over the weekend, I decided I would go red-violet and I did Sinful Colors Fig with a topping of Sugar Plum Fairies Gone Wild, which turned out to work really well. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of it, because it was cloudy all weekend and I never got decent light to take anything. (I have decided I'm going to start swatching my layering experiments onto a nail wheel at the same time as I do my nails, since I'm always having some problem or other taking mani pictures. If I have the manicure duplicated on a wheel, I can take a picture at my leisure. Also I just bought another 10 nail wheels so I have plenty of wheel space to spare!)

I do have a picture of the current one, although it's not a great picture even by my standards, blurry and totally deceptive:
This is It's Genius, a raisin-y Essie color that I like enough that I was almost tempted to leave alone, but instead I put Travel in Colour over it. Travel in Colour makes everything look pink (or at least pinker), I've said it before and I haven't changed my mind about that. This looks very red-violet in this picture, but trust me, that's the fluorescents. It's much more fuchsia than it appears here. And it's actually very pretty and shimmery, and I like it. However, the picture itself pisses me off because it's so useless. It looks like some red-violet like Domestic Goddess, maybe, and it's not - and I'm tempted to take it out of the post because of that, but I probably won't. Just bear in mind that this is NOT what this manicure actually looks like!!

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