Monday, February 10, 2014

Nail wheel - black, white, gray

Blacks, grays, and a couple of whites:
  1. Bad Chick (Sinful Colors Nail Art, which is why I painted it in stripes)
  2. unnamed white creme (Color Theory set)
  3. -
  4. Wet Cement (Sally Hansen Xtreme)
  5. -
  6. Gray By Gray (Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure)
  7. -
  8. Is That Silva? (OPI magnetic)
  9. The Symbiote (Chirality holo)
  10. unnamed gray creme (Color Theory set)
  11. Steely Gaze (Hard as Nails)
  12. Gray's Anatomy (Wet n Wild/Fast Dry)
  13. Slick Black (Sally Hansen Triple Shine)
  14. Starry Night (Sonia Kashuk)
  15. Black Illusion (L.A. Girl holo)
  16. Jet Black (Hard as Nails)
  17. Black Creme (Wet n Wild/Wild Shine )
  18. unnamed black creme (Color Theory set)
  19. Vibe (old Hard Candy mini)
I've added a couple of things in the blank spaces since this picture was taken, so eventually I need to go back and take more pictures of the top side of this wheel, where it was incomplete!

One thing I noticed is that almost everything on this wheel is drugstore polish. I think I just don't think it's worth spending money on higher-end for blacks, and I barely buy whites at all. I just haven't gotten around to it with grays, I think, because I do actually like grays. It might be worth noting also that Sally Hansen makes some great grays, which is why there's a lot of those here.

It's barely worth posting the whites, but here you go:

At least you can see the striper. The other one is barely visible at all. (Note that #3 is blank - you can tell the difference between 2 & 3, but just barely.)

I don't seem to have gotten a picture of 4, but as I said, I'm going to have to take new pictures of that part of the wheel anyway. (6) is Gray by Gray, which is a dark gray with an almost-indigo tinge to it.
(8) is Is That Silva? which is the Bond magnetic - I didn't try to use the magnet on this. It's pretty on its own, anyway. (There's a picture of it where I did use the magnet here.) (9) is the Chirality holo - you can see the holo effect in both these pictures, above and below).
(10) is another of those unnamed/probably L.A. Colors polishes - I've never remembered to look & see if there's an L.A. Colors that matches this. It's quite pretty, actually. It's most similar to (12) which doesn't show up well in either of these pictures. (These must be older pictures - later on I got a rhythm of taking 1-4, 5-8 and so on. Or maybe all those blank spaces threw me off.)

(13) is apparently Slick Black, which you notice is not very black at all without a base coat under it. (14) is Starry Night, which is black with little sparkles; (15) is the L.A. Girl holo.
 (16) is what Jet Black looks like with just one coat. I used it a lot in these wheels and it gets pretty opaque, but it takes a good three coats to get there. (Compare with the WnW next to it, although I can't swear that's one coat, because I don't have consistent notes on this wheel on that.)
(18) is another unnamed - I'm not sure if it has a little sparkle in it or if that's just dust - I'm going to have to go inspect this wheel later and see if I can tell! - Possibly it's dust, actually, because (19) is Vibe, which I'm pretty sure is a straight-up black creme. I'll report back if I figure out anything different.

And yay, that is the end of my original set of wheels. From here on out it's all things that I've added since last September, but that's several more wheels worth by now!

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