Sunday, December 29, 2013

Nail wheel weekend - paler pinks and pinkish browns

Hey, look, it's wheel 12!
After a long hiatus, I've finally remembered to take some pictures.

Unfortunately, I added some colors to this wheel in the interim since I first made the list, and didn't update it. So I'm not entirely sure what some of this is. (See, this is why I started writing names on the wheels in the first place! only that didn't solve things because I didn't keep up with that either.) Anyway, as best I know, this is:
  1. Mist You (over Always Sheer Bliss on tip)
  2. Jailbait (over Always Sheer Bliss on tip)
  3. Always Sheer Bliss
  4. unnamed pale-pink shimmer (over Shelby on tip)
  5. unnamed pink micro-flaky (over Shelby on tip)
  6. Chloe (over Shelby on tip)
  7. Aphrodite's Pink Nightie
  8. Purple Pizzazz
  9. Departure
  10. Shelby
  11. Japanese Tea Garden
  12. ?
  13. English Rose
  14. Lara
  15. Departure
  16. Dusty Spring Fields
  17. Chic Peek (/Departure?)
  18. -
  19. As If! (over Lara AND Chloe) (w/matte top coat)
  20. ?
This is the only bottle picture I got. And I was all set to say that this was 10-12, but I think it's 10, 11, and 7, or possily 11, 10, and 7! And I'm just not completely sure what 12 is, I hate to admit.
I always did have trouble telling Japanese Tea Garden and Aphrodite's Pink Nightie apart. I know that one is more of a cream and one is more of a frost (I suspect that Aphrodite is the frost) - and I used to wear them layered. It was one of the first polish pairs where I discovered that sometimes you can layer colors and get something you like better than either polish alone. I've had these (the two OPIs, that is) since at least 2005 or so, I think.

Anyway, I've been intending to post this for so long I figured I would just post what I had, and I'll add on later if I figure out more or get more pictures.

Here's some links that go with this wheel:
Pale pink portion of my stash (from last summer)
Bottle shot of As If!
Bottle shots of a couple of Zoya pinks
English Rose mani

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