Friday, December 27, 2013

Holiday haul photos

Pictures of the Christmas haul (see last entry for the full list):

I should add that, lest you imagine that I got a lot of Christmas gifts other than this, I really didn't. This was what I asked for, and it was all I expected. My husband usually buys me some surprise things - one of them was the Revlon polish set, which wasn't on my list because I didn't know about them - and another one was a quilted tote bag. And we got a couple of small joint gifts from other family members, but this was the bulk of my gift list, and I am quite, quite happy with that. (I couldn't think of anything else that I especially wanted or even needed, quite honestly!)

This was the first time I'd gotten a Zoya Dream Box, and the box itself is surprisingly nice - it's not just a cardboard box; it's substantial. It seems like you could use it to store jewelry or something in, really.
(The thing that says Matte Velvet on it is a card that was inside, not part of the box. I did try out Savita, the purple, and it was really pretty.)

I took this picture mostly so you could see the little skull on the top of the Urban Decay bottle:
The color is another purple - darker than Savita, and shimmery - it is gorgeous. I knew I was getting this because we picked it up one day when we were walking through Macy's, back around Thanksgiving. I would probably never have bought it for myself, but since Rob was with me, I said, "Well, you could get me that for Christmas!" so he did. (They had the cutest UD salesperson, all pierced and hip, nothing like what I think of as a typical Macy's salesperson. She's probably a large part of why I decided I had to have this!)

I hadn't even seen the Revlon Parfumerie polishes, as I said above. The bottles are adorable, and these are fun colors:
I don't own many very-pale-pinks that I like, and this one seems to have possibilities. (I have a nail wheel upcoming for that, as a matter of fact!) And you can never have too many reds, right?

And here are the stray loose bottles:
This is Slightly Unstable, Alcatraz Rocks, and Elderberry. I think everybody pretty much knows about Alcatraz Rocks already, right? (Google it if not; it's pretty much universally adored, near as I can tell.) Slightly Unstable is part of a Women of Harry Potter line and it's the Bellatrix polish, sort of a green duochrome-ish thing. I haven't tried it out yet so I can't be much more specific than that! And I am totally in love with Elderberry; I'm wearing it now. Blue and green and purple sparkliness is right up my alley.

Oh, here's a better picture of the Take Ten set, I almost forgot that one:
(It had two separate boxes within the bigger box, which is clever. You could take it apart and give it as two separate gifts if you wanted to!)

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