Saturday, February 21, 2015

Layered: Glacial Springs & Quirky Smile

I started out with Misa Quirky Smile - it's got a nice shimmer and it looks beautiful by itself.
(You can't tell much besides the color from this picture, but it's the best I got.)

Much as I liked that, after a couple of days it was wanting to chip a bit, so I did what I usually do, I patched it up and put something else on top of it. I have a number of candidates for this job in the blue-green range, but I remembered that I had Smitten Glacial Springs, which Karen had brought me when she was in Houston last year and which I had never gotten around to wearing:
It's lovely. I'm not a huge holo fan in general but I really like this one. This was my first try at wearing Misa and my first experience with Smitten, and I'm impressed by both.

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