Friday, February 6, 2015

NOTD: Rich Raspberry + TinC

I was looking for a Valentine's pink that appealed to me, and I remembered Colorstay Rich Raspberry from this entry, which I had never worn. I bought it either at Big Lots or marked down at the grocery store (I bought several both places, and I forget which is which) when they were clearing the old-formula Colorstays out last year. I had vague plans for putting something else over it, since it's a creme and I tend to find cremes boring, but I did quite like the color, in the end, so all I put over it was Travel in Colour. It didn't really change the color to speak of but just added a little shimmer. (Travel in Colour changes the color a lot on some polishes - it shifts them toward pink, as far as I've been able to tell - but since this was pink in the first place it couldn't do much there!)

(Added: I forgot to say that this is two coats - it was rather thin, notice that you can see a bit of nail-line in this picture - plus one of TinC. And I think I used Colorstay basecoat, since I had some. I put some regular topcoat on eventually, but I think I took the picture before I had done that. It was pretty shiny without it.)

I had it in my head to go in Sally Beauty - yesterday after my doctor's appointment (which was entirely routine) I went and had lunch at Luby's and then swung by Sally Beauty in Galveston on the way to work. I ended up spending $30 but I did get a lot of stuff for my $30. Well, it was really $25 because $5 was renewing my card, and then I got a $5 coupon to use later. Then, let's see, I bought acetone and a plastic squeeze bottle to use because I had some makeup bases I wanted to mix* and I didn't have a good container to do that in. And I bought Manicure Extender, from the same company that makes Gelous (American Classics) because it was on sale and I thought, "Well, I'll try it." I suspect they're discontinuing it, actually, because I can't find any listing for it on Sally's website. (But that doesn't mean it doesn't work, anyway, that just means nobody was buying it. If it helps extend manicure life even a day or two it'd totally be worth it to me!) And I bought something else clear - oh, it was nail hardener, because I'm still experimenting around with things like that, and I hadn't tried that one. I don't really want to be able to grow my nails super-long but I'd like it if they'd break and peel a bit less. So I don't know if hardener will help that much but it can't hurt to try it. It was one of those Sally-brand products (Beauty Secrets, maybe?) that comes in a smaller round bottle or a much bigger round bottle - there are a couple of nail products that come like that. So I bought the small one to try out. If I like it enough that I go through it all then I'll think about buying the larger one.

Then I bought three Finger Paints polishes, which I totally did not need. One was Film Noir, which was on clearance. And then all the other FPs were on BOGO sale so I bought two of those - they were both glitters, and it was Purple Palette and Hue-something (Hue Left A Message, I guess, although I thought it was more gold-looking and less pink than this). They were similar small-but-textured-looking glitters, sort of like those Christmas China Glaze polishes that I liked so much from 2013. At least that's what they looked like in the bottle, we'll see.

*I think I've mentioned the makeup-base issue here before - I use L'Oreal True Match or whatever it's called (I nearly said "Color Match" but I think True Match is right), but the color C2 is a little too pale for me and C3 is too dark. So I buy a bottle of each and mix them together. Foundations are practically always on buy-one-get-one-half-off sale anyway, so it works out to buy two at a time.

I'm still contemplating that Lynnderella approach to buying polishes that I mentioned before. Like, at the end of a given month, if I have managed to refrain from buying anything, I can reward myself with a Lynnderella (or if there's no Lynnderella I have my eye on, a Lippmann or something). But I've already ruined February, so maybe in March. I seriously figure I would save money in the end on that - I think I paid $22 including shipping for the last one I bought, and most months I'm spending well over that. (I ordered some Misa polishes a couple of weeks ago, and then some more Pretty Serious, and there was also that Zoya special from January. I just now got my polishes from that one - I'll take a picture the next time the sun comes out - as well as pictures of the Sally's haul.)

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