Monday, February 23, 2015

Stash: jellies and crellies

Mostly jellies, or at least jelly-like - there's only one that's clearly a crelly in this bunch (though I probably have a few more of both scattered around my stash):
top row:
  • Sangria (Cover Girl Outlast) - a slightly orange-leaning red - I don't think this is officially a jelly, but it's definitely in that in-between zone of "jelly-like" slightly squishy polishes
  • Today I Accomplished Zero (OPI Coca-Cola collection) - I have to say honestly that I didn't fall in love with this on my nails, and I'm not sure why. But I've only worn it once, so maybe it was just a case of it not looking quite like I expected. Anyway, it's a black jelly with reddish glitter. I love it in the bottle! (S&L swatches)
  • Y'all Come Back Ya Hear? (OPI Texas collection) (I keep incorrectly putting "now" into this polish name, because that's the way that phrase goes in my head!) - there were several in the Texas collection that were called "sorbets" but the two I have seem like jellies to me, pretty much! This is pretty much Longhorn orange*, maybe a little red-leaning. It looked surprisingly okay on me.
  • Girls On Film (Nostalgic Lacquer) - pink crelly with various sizes of pink and purple glitter
second row:
  • Paloma (Zoya) - I adore Paloma. Zoya only has the three polishes in this one small collection (Gloss) that it officially calls jellies, as far as I know, but I have two of the three and they are great. I don't know why they don't make more. Paloma is my all-time favorite for doing "jelly sandwiches" with. If you know me you know I love my raspberry polishes. Put just about any glitter under this and you can predict with a very high degree of certainty that I will fall in love with it. (example from 2013)
  • Houston We Have A Purple (OPI Texas collection) - another "sorbet" - and the name is great, if only it was actually purple. In fact it's awfully similar to Paloma, above, a raspberry-ish pink, maybe verging on purple but totally not there. (I would wear it more if it was actually purple!)
  • Voodoo (Fright Night Claw Polish) - up until the last couple of years, there were really only a couple of kinds of Halloween polish that I knew of: Fright Night Claw Polish, in the "coffin" bottle, and Fantasy Makers, in the tombstone bottle (there's an example of that one here, too). I'm not sure who makes "Claw Polish" but it seems to be perfectly okay polish. Voodoo is a darker-than-average red jelly with glitter.
  • Red Carpet (Xtreme Wear) - I actually discarded this polish after I took the picture above, because while there was a good amount of polish left in the bottom of the bottle, it never moved the whole time I was taking this picture, even when I shook it. It wasn't solid, but I just didn't feel like it was worth trying to thin it out & see if I could salvage it. It's a lovely red, but I have several very similar ones.
  • Jolly Lolly (L'Oreal) - another jelly-sandwich champion; in fact I had it on just recently in the course of my V-day festival of layers. This was the red one from L'Oreal's Miss Candy collection back a couple of years ago. (I always regretted that I didn't pick up some more of these.)
third row:
  • Purple Poodle (Orly) - like Houston We Have A Purple, this is not actually very purple. It's a magenta jelly with purple bits in it, instead. (I like it, it's just not purple!)
  • Gina Girl (e.l.f. Disney Villains collection) - a gray jelly-ish base with a mix of purple glitter
  • Purple Potion (Fantasy Makers, made by Wet n Wild) - a black jelly-ish base with purple glitter (and aw, Creepy Pumpkin is in the pictures at that link - I loved that polish so much I used up a whole bottle, and that polish has never reappeared in the years since that I could find!)
  • Dark Side Of The Moon (D. Lippmann) - Lippmann's website calls this a creme, but it seems awfully jelly-ish to me. Maybe I'm hallucinating. In any case it's a very vampy dark eggplant.
  • Katherine (Zoya) - this is the other one from the Zoya Gloss collection (I should really go buy Frida, the third one) - this one is raisin-colored. (sandwich mani from 2014)
bottom row:
  • East Village (NYC In A New York Minute) - a pretty aqua color, but very sheer. I wouldn't suggest wearing this without something under it unless you're totally down with visible nail line. As I recall, I ended up wearing four coats the time I tried, and it still wasn't opaque. But hey, it's two bucks. (mani from 2013)
  • Nail Junkie (Sinful) - I talked about blue-green glitters a couple of weeks ago when I showed a number of them on a nail wheel - including this one. I guess we should really just assume here that jellies = sheer, and this one also proves that point. Again, I'd put something under it under most circumstances. Anyway, blue-green and super-sparkly, what's not to like?
  • Deeper Dive (Spoiled) - another blue-green glitter, but more of a teal than an aqua, and the glitter is much subtler than the one above. Really pretty. (Possible application issues, though, if you look at the link.)
  • Party By The Pool (Pretty Serious) - it's a jelly with a lot of glitter, and it's teal. (Possibly a bit lighter than Deeper Dive, but definitely darker than Nail Junkie.) I couldn't possibly tell you what color the glitter is, but it's beautiful. I love this one.
  • Ice Hotel, In Hell (Liquid Lacquer) (actually this is unlabeled, but this is the name that was given to me when I bought it from somebody's blog sale, and it matches the pictures I found online - it's pretty distinctive) - blue jelly with circle glitter in a variety of sizes and colors (mani from 2014)

*Actually I'm a Longhorn and I went to a high school that used these same colors, and I can tell you that "Longhorn orange" kind of runs the gamut, like so many color names. The color you see most often on nail polish (including an Orly color named Hook 'em Orange) is a sort of neutral pumpkin-orange. But at football games (and on Longhorn merchandise) you will just as often see burnt orange, which is more of a rusty orange - and if you look at a picture of an actual small-l longhorn, that's generally more like the color that you see. (Here's Bevo, for reference.) (If would be kind of weird if they were actually pumpkin-orange, wouldn't it?)

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