Thursday, February 19, 2015

Stash: not-quite-microglitter, part 3

Last installment of these, then we go into microglitters proper, probably. (I also have some smaller categories like the full-on foils. We'll see which pictures I find first!)
top row:
  • No More Waity Katie (Butter London) - this was BL's "Royal Engagement"-themed polish - you can't really see it very well here (it looks like it needs shaking up, actually) so look at the link. It was considered a fairly funky color a few years ago when it came out. It's a semi-sheer lavender-gray glitter - I've seen it called a "pretty-ugly" color - it walks the line between elegant and grungy, a bit - but I like it.
  • Is That Silva? (OPI Magnetic - from the Skyfall collection) - this is the only magnetic that I've ever been able to get to work really properly, and it's beautiful. It goes on silver, as I recall, and the magnetic makes the affected part turn charcoal gray. It came with the diagonal-striped magnet, which was well-designed and relatively easy to use. (mani from 2013)
  • Parizska (Square Hue Prague collection) - a medium gray with scattered silver glitter, really lovely
  • Yuna (Zoya Ignite collection) - this is the unusual one in the ignite collection - all of this collection is beautiful, but this one is way cool in a way the other ones aren't; it's blue-gray with gold shimmer (S&L's swatches)
  • (between rows, an unlabeled dark red) - this is a really pretty marsala-ish red, actually, it's more unusual a color than most of these minis
middle row:
  • Violet Flicker (Outlast) - this was one of the colors that was released as a Catching Fire tie-in, and it's one of my favorites - a mix of small glitters in a violet base
  • Starry Night (Sonia Kashuk) - silver glitter in a black base - at the link they talk about what this is a dupe to, but I don't have anything else really like it
  • Boughs Of Holly (Pahlish) - Pahlish releases a duo-of the month, and this one was from Dec 13, along with a glitter topper. It is, as you might expect, a lovely evergreen color, with lighter-green glitter
  • Mistletoe (Julie G Holiday Gumdrops) - this is pretty much the dark-green version of a small-glitter texture - it looks to me like the glitter is a mixture of lighter and darker greens
  • (upside down) Optical Illusion (SpaRitual) - I talked at length about this one when I bought it - it's a yellowish green glitter comparable to a lot of those "zombie greens" that get released at Halloween each year. I bought it for specifically that reason.
bottom row:
  • Electrique (Pahlish) - half of another Pahlish duo, but in this case I only have the one (this was apparently from last August) - this is bright blue-leaning purple with gold microglitter (mani from 2014)
  • Lotus (Zoya) - a great greyed-out purple with glitter
  • Rockin' Renaissance (Finger Paints) - this is a texture, even though Finger Paints doesn't mark its textures as such.
  • Sugar Sugar (Sinful Colors) - bright red with a glitter running through it (pretty but like too many other Christmas reds)
  • Pyrite (Pahlish) - mixed metallic flakes - there's some silver in there but it reads as antique gold. I love this one.
(I'm surprised at how many from Pahlish are in this bunch. Which reminds me, I looked at Pahlish's website the other day, and they're in jeopardy of becoming one of those polish brands that I like to call "perpetually sold out" like Enchanted Polish. Nothing was in stock.)

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