Thursday, April 17, 2014

Stash: gold. bronze, orange

I've got another post for tomorrow with the browns and the coppers, but I have enough golds, bronze-ish things, and oranges to fill my bin up again - in fact I really had to squeeze to get them all in!

(You can't see brand-names on all these bottles so I added them to the names for a few where I thought it was hard to tell)
Top row: Gold Rush, Fairy Dust, Milani Gold Glitz, I Only Shop Vintage (upside down!), Pahlish Pyrite
2nd row (two of which are sideways): Intergalactic Space, Aldo Gold Digger, Falloween
3rd row: R.I.P., Traffic Stopper Copper, Glitz, Chop Chop Copper, Seared Bronze
4th row (the two minis): unlabeled orange, Cajun Shrimp
Bottom row: Retro Red, Hot Cinnamon, Sangria, Crushed, Times Square Tangerine

(There's some stuff missing here - at the very least, I know I have one more orange-ish Gumdrop somewhere. I'll have to check about that.)

I can't believe I've acquired this many golds, in particular - I would have said that they were too yellowy for me. But the Boundless Color one, the old Cover Girl, is the only one that's very yellow, so for the most part, they look fine on me. Copper and bronze tones are generally quite flattering on me, and there are more of those in the next post. Even Orly Glitz, surprisingly, looks pretty good on me - better than Rage, and that's just the opposite of what I would have thought. I also tend to think I can't wear oranges, but what I've found is that they look alright as long as I stay with very reddish ones.

I noticed this week at CVS that Khroma is starting to become Kardassian Beauty, finally; the displays and some of the bottles were so labeled, but a few still say Khroma. (Just as a name, I like Khroma better, but I believe I read that they had had legal trouble with the name.)

Untried in this picture: Falloween, Chop Chop Copper, Cajun Shrimp

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