Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sunday random

(I hit the "publish" button before I meant to - again - if you read this before, you may have only seen the first two paragraphs. I gotta quit doing that.)

Because I have been obsessing about "what color is teal?" way too much, I finally looked it up on Wikipedia and found that the RGB formula is 0,128,128. In other words, equal portions of blue and green. So yay, I have an answer, and I can quit worrying it over in my head. (Yes, I know, totally OCD.)

I said something on Twitter in the last couple of weeks about how I had bought a Colorstay polish on clearance and it looked like Revlon was closing out all the Colorstay polishes, and I was wondering what the deal was. Well, yesterday I was on some random blog that I totally don't remember, and I saw a picture of a redesigned Colorstay bottle. I wish I knew where that was - I poked around in google and didn't find it. But anyway, I imagine that's the answer - they are at least redoing the bottle; whether they've changed the formula again is unclear. It seems possible that they've tinkered around and come up with an updated formula, but I'm just guessing. It is also possible that they are just addressing the fact that the Colorstay and the Brilliant Strength bottles look way too much alike. (I'm pretty sure the picture I saw had the same bottle shape; it just had a different look to the label, with some horizontal stripes.) FOUND IT - ColorStay Gel Envy, probably with a new formula which might or might not be similar to CND Vinylux.

If you haven't seen this already - Zoya's Earth Day promo starts tomorrow. I'm mad at them for discontinuing the Fleck Effects so I may skip this year. Or I may give in and buy something else. We'll see.

One more bargain: I was poking around at Cherry Culture and they have all (apparently all, as far as I can tell) the LA Splash for half-price, $2 instead of $4. For that price I am tempted.

I'm wearing Wet n Wild "Buffy the Violet Slayer" and I tried to take a picture, but it came out looking like this color when it should be more this color - basically, it's a bog-standard glossy royal purple. "Bog-standard" does not mean it's not pretty, though. It is, very much. (The other one - Neve - is too, I'm totally coveting it, in fact. It just doesn't look like what I'm wearing.)

Before that I was wearing a manicure I saw on Pinterest - I'm pretty sure it's the first time that I've replicated a manicure exactly like one I saw somewhere, because it's pretty rare that I have the right colors to do that. But I had these - Sinful Colors Purple Diamond over Zoya Perrie. I didn't take a picture, but it looks exactly like that picture, anyway. I just bought Purple Diamond lately, and I think I googled afterwards and found this. I haven't worn Perrie much because it's a little too pale to be flattering on me, so I'm glad to have a use for it! (Purple Diamond isn't really any darker, but it doesn't bother me like Perrie alone did.)

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