Sunday, April 27, 2014

Birthday fun

I still have no pictures, but I wanted to post the list of new polishes I now have besides the three Lippmanns that I posted about a couple of days ago! Some of this is the stuff I ordered from Cherry Culture last week - their service was quite prompt, this was the first time ordering from them so I didn't know what to expect - and that was sort of a pre-birthday present, and then my husband bought me some stuff from Walgreen's that I ended up exchanging and getting even more stuff. So basically I am totally awash in polish right now.

One thing that I had ordered from Cherry Culture they had run out of - the China Glaze Cuticle Oil - which I wanted to have just to try, but I am actually awash with cuticle products at the moment so it's not a huge loss. But this is what I actually got:
  1. three LASplash colors from the closeout (half-price): Sparkling Wave, Sparkling Fire, Sparkling Seaweed - I'd call them glitter toppers, from what I've seen. But it's fine glitter, not chunky.
  2. Nyx Enchanted Forest, which is from the Nyx Salon line. Beautiful shimmery dark green.
  3. China Glaze Rendezvous With You, a purple
  4. a package of nail remover wipes
  5. a Cherry Culture lip balm, grape flavor
And then Rob bought me some Sally Hansen stuff from Walgreen's that I didn't really want to keep, although it was a good guess - one thing was Xtreme Wear Strobe Light, which I already have, the second was one of those LE glitters which looked super-similar to things I already had, and the third thing was a little nail art kit, which contained loose glitter. Apparently I am afraid of loose glitter and the possibilities for polish mayhem involved therein. So we took it all back. And here is what I got, for an additional $3 more than what he originally spent.
  1. Xtreme Wear Rockstar Pink, which is one of those colors that some bloggers think everybody in the world needs to have. And it looked like had possibilities, for sure, so I got it.
  2. Satin Glam - a line I hadn't tried yet - in Taffeta, a sort of orchid-pink.
  3. Then, since it was the last day of the Sinful Colors sale, I got a shimmery green called Kissy. For a dollar.
  4. TWO Outlast colors, because there was a sale and a coupon on top of the sale and it was just a deal. Those were both microglittery kind of things, right in my wheelhouse - Violet Flicker and Midnight Magic.
I think I counted thirteen new bottles of nail polish. That's kind of ridiculous, really.

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