Wednesday, April 16, 2014

In the news...

I happened to run across an item about Julep raising umpteen million dollars in venture capital so that they can try to take on the major beauty brands (that's what the article says, anyway). I would be so much more impressed by this if I hadn't repeatedly heard such terrible things about Julep's customer service that I am reluctant to even let them give me my "FIRST BOX FREE!" (as some banner ad was proclaiming at me just a day or so ago) - I don't know about you, but when I hear horror stories from multiple people about the same company in a short amount of time, it makes me skittish about them. Better to give my money to somebody else, I figure. - Anybody have an opinion about this, on either side? Love them, hate them, somewhere in the middle?

Meanwhile, I was poking around the internet this morning and found pictures of Zoya's summer line, which is called Tickled and Bubbly - apparently Tickled is cremes and Bubbly is... well, something a bit new, possibly - they describe it as a "liquid-metal holographic jelly formula" - apparently you can wear it as a top-coat or on its own. It looks really intriguing to me. They're taking pre-orders but they don't ship for nearly a month - hopefully you guys who get Zoya stuff to review will have swatches long before that, though! I'm dying to see what people think!

Nouveau Cheap is all excited because of the return of an OPI color that I've barely even heard of - I guess because by the time I started getting seriously into this polish thing, it had been and gone - and that's Damone Roberts 1968 - it's a mint green and apparently OPI is re-releasing it for the summer and we should all go grab it immediately. (I'm being a bit flippant, but I probably will buy it if I see it, it looks interesting.)

As far as what I've been wearing... after Santa Red My List, I went with OCC Chimera for a few days, over Jade Stiletto (dark green creme) because it had just arrived and it was handy. (That was a small Llarowe order which I'll get pictures up of when I can get decent ones! I also swatched Chimera/Stiletto along with Rikki/Stiletto to see how alike they were - SPOILER: not dupes. I tried taking a picture of that one today, but it sucked so I'll try again later.) I liked that combination but it did chip a bit more than I'd like, so then I put on Picture Polish Flirt - which was the other half of the small Llarowe order, and I do have pictures of that:
This also has chipping issues, but I patched it up and put 2 coats of Jin Soon Gossamer on top (which is just shimmer) and it seems to be holding on for now. I'm trying to stretch it out until tomorrow, and after that I'm sure I'll go with something pastel.

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