Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Things I don't love

How do you guys feel about holos? I myself have finally faced the fact that I'm not all that crazy about them. They never quite seem to live up to the pictures, for me. However, Things I Love At the Moment has so many she's thinking about destashing and has done a great comparison post. It's interesting to see, even if I'm (presumably) not going to run out and buy a bunch of them.

However, I do have Dollish Redrum sitting nearby, as it happens, and I also happen to have bare nails at the moment. So I may have holo nails myself shortly, just mostly because I like Redrum and it's easier than going to hunt down something else! (Here's the whole Dollish Halloween collection from last year, if you don't remember what Redrum looks like. It's way down toward the bottom of that post. I'm sort of wishing I'd bought some more of these, now - although I did buy the coveted Walker Bait so I don't guess I can really complain.)

Another thing that everybody else loves and I really don't is neons. I've been thinking this over now that everybody is releasing their summer collections. I think in this case it's because I am very much a cool-colors person and neons are pretty much essentially warm. I can't find the pictures I was looking at earlier - google is not always good at finding entries that are brand-new, I think - but I know they'll be everywhere soon. There was a purple I liked, I seem to recall. (It's hard to make a purple that's really a warm color - I suppose the only way, really, is to make it far on the red-violet end of purple.) Aaaand here are the Essies - Too Taboo is the name of the collection, and I can't really say that the majority of them are warm, quite honestly! (I would own more Essies if they ever had sales. They seem to have a policy of not doing that, though.)

And since the topic seems to have become "things I don't love" I will say that I'm not in love with my computer-repair people right now, because my computer is not yet repaired - we are waiting on a graphics card. I have been very patient, and I'm trying to be patient a little longer, but it's difficult! I am just not a patient person by nature, let's face it.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that I did buy several of those LASplash colors that are on clearance at Cherry Culture, and also some other stuff. I think one was China Glaze Cuticle Oil, and there was at least one other thing that I'm forgetting about. If eyeshadow interests you, they also have 25% off all eyeshadow at the moment, which I believe was the link that I followed to get there in the first place - so be sure and check the front page for the coupon code. (I don't like the fact that I have become so hypersensitive to eye makeup that I've given up and quit wearing it, and I guess I can blame the fact that I followed that link at all in the first place on my unwillingness to face facts there!)

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