Friday, April 11, 2014

What I've bought

I haven't gone hog-wild lately, but I still seem to come home with a polish or two every week. Here's the recent ones:

  • Two Cent, from Sonia Kashuk, marked down at Target. Grab this if you see it, because it's gorgeous and probably (I'm guessing) being discontinued.
  • Indi-glow, an Xtreme Wear that I think is LE. I haven't swatched it other than glopping it on a nail wheel, so I'm not sure yet about the issues that Pretty Girl Science reported. Maybe these are LE because they're testing something new, I don't know. I certainly hope they haven't reformulated the whole line if the issues are as bad as she reports.
  • Intrigue, from Revlon Brilliant Strength, a blue somewhere in the cornflower/periwinkle sort of range. This is the first polish I've bought from this particular line, and HEB was having one of its famous coupon sales so I figured I should take advantage!
  • Bold Sangria, from Revlon Colorstay. Walgreen's had the whole Colorstay range marked down like they were being discontinued - are they giving up on Colorstay nail polish, or maybe they've reformulated again and are coming out with all-new colors? I don't know. But I've wanted this color since it first came out so I figured I'd better grab it.
  • Buffy the Violet Slayer, from the WnW FastDry collection. With a name like that, it was only a matter of time before I bought it, plus this color is right in my wheelhouse in any case.
The thing sitting on top of those polishes is a Clinique make-up bag from the latest Clinique bonus - or hmm, maybe it's technically wrong to say it's the latest, because this was from Dillard's in March and I'm pretty sure Macy's has a different one going now that it's April. But anyway, this is the latest one *I* have, and it has a nail polish, too:
I'm not going to try to tell you about every one of these samples - mascara, base, makeup remover. The color items were available in a pink range or a peach range, and I always go with pink in a choice like that, since I generally think that orange is not flattering on me. However, the orange polish that was included was yummy and I'm sort of sorry I didn't get it. The pink polish is called Hi Sweetie, and it's a nice bright pink, I do like it, too. Plus I got Raspberry Glace lipstick, which is a color I've had before and I know I can wear. I partly also bought this for the moisturizer sample, so I can try out the reformulated yellow moisturizer. (The very fact that it's reformulated makes me nervous, I've been wearing this moisturizer since my mother started giving me her samples in the mid-70s. But most people seem to like it pretty well.)

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  1. I haven't been in Target in ages--might have to stop and see if they have that SK as it does look nice.