Monday, June 23, 2014

Stash: blue-violet and blue-gray

The bluest and/or grayest out of my purple stash. Some of these look a little RV next to the BVs, but trust me, if you put them in with the red-violets and/or look at them in other lighting, you'll see they're not. The bluest ones are mostly at the bottom, here, but as is customary, I'm going top to bottom and left to right:

  • Layla CE 39 ("Southern Lights")
  • Butter London Lillibet's Jubilee*
  • Insta-Dri Grape Going, a duochrome
  • Zoya Mira
  • Dollish Polish Deadly Nightshade mini
  • BL No More Waity, Katie
  • Zoya Lotus
  • Megalast On a Trip
  • RBL Purple Haze
  • Revlon Not So Blueberry (scented)
  • Sinful Colors Fiji
  • S-OPI  I Don't Bite
  • Diamond Strength Royal Invite
  • Color Club - this is unlabeled, but I'm pretty sure it's Eternal Beauty
*In case somebody hasn't heard this story before: "Lillibet's Jubilee" refers to the Queen's Jubilee - Lillibet is a nickname of Elizabeth's. This, No More Waity, Katie, and Pitter Patter - which was in the previous entry - were released last summer as a set called "The Royals," and I bought them when BL was having a F&F sale - which should be coming up pretty soon, actually, if it's a regular thing. (I think that Pitter Patter was a genuine one-manufacturing-run LE - at least so far, to my knowledge - while Lillibet is an LE that's been re-released at least once or twice, and NMWK has been around for several years but I believe is now discontinued.) (And actually I checked BL's website and Lillibet's Jubilee is listed as a current color, but the other two are not.)

Man, I've got an awful lot of acronyms in that paragraph - do I need to put in a guide to my own acronyms? Some of them are more-or-less standard and some not so much. For the confused:
BL = Butter London
F&F = friends and family
LE = limited edition
NMWK = No More Waity, Katie (which was in honor of the royal engagement back several years ago now!)
and from the paragraph before:
RBL = Rescue Beauty Lounge
S-OPI = Sephora by OPI (you may see this elsewhere as just SOPI or sometimes $OPI)

(So. Back to topic.) Every time I talk about Layla, I wonder about their numbering/naming system - they don't put names on the bottles but apparently there ARE names, every time I've looked, I've found one. I think you can buy Layla at Target now in the US, right? so this will presumably come up more than it used to. Anyway, this one is a pretty unusual color - a dark blue-leaning, grayed-out purple. I can't think of anything else like it, at least. Then next we have Lillibet, which is also somewhat unusual, a very silvery pale purple (BL calls it lavender but I don't really see much in the way of blue tones to it. (Actually, maybe I need to stop saying these colors are unusual - this is just a range where a lot of these colors are going to be pretty unusual, especially the grayed-out ones, I think.) Next we have Grape Going, a blue/purple duochrome. I've had mine for a while, but I believe this one is still in the current collection. Zoya Mira is a medium, blue-toned purple creme. And rounding out the top row, we have Deadly Nightshade, a purple & blue glitter which was a Halloween color last year and possibly the year before too - seems like I read that somewhere at some point, anyway - so if you like it, look for it to maybe roll around again this fall. On the other hand, this is one where there are other polishes fairly similar, so I wouldn't go poisoning anybody to get hold of it (so to speak). (And yes, this was a Nightmare Before Christmas themed collection, that it was from, if there are any fans out there who are wondering. It was the first thing I thought of when I saw that name, myself.)

No More Waity, Katie may be discontinued but it still has a page on BL's website. They call it a greige with lilac glitter. I've always thought it read as a very greyed-out lavender, but anyway, it's a fabulous color, much better than it sounds. Zoya Lotus is another very subtle color - a dusty blue-violet with a lot of pinkish shimmer. On A Trip is sort of a traditional lavender, a creme. And Purple Haze is in that same sort of range, but a bit dustier.

On the bottom row, there's Not So Blueberry, which is, well, not blue at all, but a shimmery, slightly blue-leaning violet. Then we have three blue-violets with shimmer, but none of them are dupes at all: Fiji is darker and more sheer. I Don't Bite is lighter and even more shimmer-packed. And Royal Invite is also really packed, but with multicolor shimmer, in this case. And then last of all, we have Eternal Beauty, one of Color Club's line of strong linear holos. It's stunning, and I'm not even really a fan of holos.

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