Wednesday, July 23, 2014

You Know Nothing Jon Snow + new acquisitions

Kind of dusty and with some definite chipping on my index finger but here is You Know Nothing Jon Snow (hereafter to be known as YKNJS):
Considering how hard I am on my nails generally, having them look even halfway decent on the fourth day is pretty good for me. I'm definitely retooling for tomorrow. (I suspect it's Blue Whale that you'll see next, but I could still change my mind.) Anyway, about YKNJS, I actually like it a lot, and considering my normal avowed hatred for the way very pale colors look against my skin-tone, that's saying something. You can see that while it looks pretty white in the bottle, it's not really white - I guess you could call it off-white or very pale greige or something like that. But then it also has bits of blue shimmer in it, and also a sort of "pepper" effect with very small dark matte glitter scattered around. It's not showy but it's nice. It'd also be a pretty good work polish for people with conservative dress codes to deal with (which is not me, thank goodness). (Here's a link to it on Dollish in case you want your own.)

OK, so here's everything new I've gotten lately - which is the 3 Funky Fingers plus the 4 LynBs and the 3 Zoyas I was talking about yesterday:
This gets kind of glarey down toward the bottom but at least you can see them.
top row: Funky Fingers Sand & Stillettos, Unicorn Farts, Glitter Matters
middle row: Zoya Cynthia, LynB Blue Whale, Teal The Cows Come Home, Fires of Gallifrey
bottom row: Zoya Carter and London (both Pixie Dusts) and LynB This Is Halloween

Here's a picture with the LynBs rolled onto their sides so you can see more polish:
Blue Whale is mixed bright-blue glitter of various colors & sizes. Teal The Cows Come Home is of course teal, although it really doesn't so much look like it there. It has lots of shimmer, too. Fires of Gallifrey is red-orange, brighter than it looks here, I'd say. I was sort of intending to try it over a red base and see how that looks. And then This is Halloween, down on the bottom row, is purple with fine glitter in it, some of which is orange. I'm looking forward to trying all of these out. I'm more excited about the LynB ones but I always have loved all the Pixie Dusts I have, too, so I'm sure I will love these.

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