Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Topic Tuesday: favorites of 2018

Today's #topictues is:
Favorite polishes you wore in 2018

I always do a favorites list at the end of the year, so answering this just requires doing a little early figuring about what's likely to be on that list. I did a first half top 10 at the end of June, and I've got a candidates list compiled for the second half. I'm not going to narrow it down past a top ten (or so) - you'll still have to wait for the actual end of the year for that - but I can do a sort of a draft shortlist now. (It may be subject to change later on, of course!)

Here's what I came up with for an eleven-month favorites list:
  1. Always Be A Dragon (Lucky 13)
  2. Cactus If You Can (KBShimmer)
  3. Cigars On Ice (Flirtin')
  4. Cybernetic (Pretty Serious)
  5. Enchanted (Starrily)
  6. Feel The Chemis-tree (OPI)
  7. Glass On Fire (Great Lakes Polish)
  8. Grinchworthy (China Glaze)
  9. My Immortal (Pretty Serious)
  10. Pearl Jammin' (China Glaze)
  11. Pisces (KL Polish)

(This is good because it makes me think about this with almost a month to go, rather than waiting til the last minute like I usually do! I might actually have time to re-wear some of these...)

A couple of pictures, although at least one of the polishes on this list (Cigars On Ice) is so new I haven't even posted a good picture of it yet!

Pearl Jammin':

Cactus If You Can:

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