Saturday, October 15, 2016

Indie Halloween options

It's probably kind of late to be ordering Halloween-themed nail polish, but I keep finding the cutest stuff and I can't resist talking about some of it. First of all, I think everybody in the nail-polish world pretty much knows about Simply Nailogical by now (ok, I didn't until relatively lately, but still I'm assuming you are ahead of me on this); she has a video in which she shows an adorable Starrily holo glitter which she collaborated on:
(I think of Christine of SN as kind of being the Bunny of the nail polish world - and yeah, Bunny herself does make occasional forays into talking about nail polish but it's not really her main thing. Christine is kind of goofy and irreverent like Bunny, not to mention is heavily followed like Bunny - so they seem sort of alike to me.) (2.8 million followers as opposed to 7.7 million for Bunny - I just checked - but still, we're talking millions for each of them!)

Enough about that, on to other Halloween polishes - I'm just going to provide links to some indie sellers that have Halloween collections and let you poke around for yourself, ok? If I could find a link that goes directly to a Halloween page I used that. (For the record, no affiliate links or other commercial ties to disclose here. I just love my Halloween polishes, that's all.)
  • Nine Zero has some really cute ones - the shard glitters are especially different. I also like this one which is a re-release from last year.
  • Painted Polish is on vacation til the 20th which makes the shipping window even tighter, but she has some cute stuff as usual: this trio and this one - Resting Witch Face has got to be one of the best names ever - and also a Stranger Things duo (which of course isn't strictly Halloween, but hey, close enough)
  • Pahlish has more nice holos as well as a September LE which still seems to be available
  • Release The Bats is another great name, and cute too
  • I already mentioned Starrily but here's the link to her own website, where she does have a couple of Halloween polishes (the link up at the top goes to Live Love Polish which undoubtedly has other stuff I've missed as well)
And I could go on but I won't - I have a hella long list of indie polishes if you want more options. Have fun hunting!

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