Sunday, October 9, 2016

Redrum, Elfin' Around

This is Dollish Redrum (a mini) and China Glaze Elfin' Around:
For the record, I got this China Glaze polish free from a promotional giveaway. (I haven't been talking about where I obtained my polishes in this series of posts, so I keep forgetting to disclose that. Not that it makes any difference at all to what I have to say about them anyway, but just the same, this, for the record, is your disclosure.) So the China Glaze polish was from the Holiday 2013 set, if I'm remembering right, and it had several polishes with this same kind of metallic formula. There was a red, a pinkish-red, and this reddish-orange. I don't know why they imagined people would want that many sort-of-similar polishes, but apparently they did. I don't think I've ever even worn this one, orange not being my very favorite color in the first place. But if you are more fond of coral-orange colors than I am and would like a metallic one, this is not bad. (I think it's discontinued but hey, if anybody wants it, speak up in the comments and I'll send it to you! It's going to waste in my stash, that's for sure.)

Redrum is a more interesting polish, to me: a rusty-red holo. It does put you in mind of things seen in horror movies, somehow. Unless Dollish has done a re-release for Halloween, this one is no longer available either (and I'm not giving this one up, I quite like it.)

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