Monday, October 24, 2016

Decades of Shades

This is OPI Decades of Shades:
(My writing is hard to read there, but this is the top one on the wheel, below the empty spots.) Decades of Shades is sort of a milk-chocolate color, not especially dark, and I liked the swatches I saw before I bought it, but in person it's, like, the most boring possible brown. That link below calls this a dark brown, which it's really not. Often when something is lighter than I thought I say "well, maybe mine has faded," but in this case the swatches all pretty much look just like my polish. I used to call it "baby-poop brown" and that may be unfair, but - well, clearly, I really don't like it. I'm probably not really capable of being fair about a polish I dislike this intensely. (The only reason I've hung onto it is because I use it for a layering polish from time to time.)

This polish apparently was from the 25th anniversary collection, 10 years ago, which kind of baffles me - this is not my idea of a classic color (although the brown in that swatch does look darker than most of the other swatches I found online). Looking at the whole set (at the link above), my only thought is that maybe they were trying for what might have been fashionable in 1981. Very warm colors - very 70s, really, and I never did like 70s colors even at the time.

The polish to the left of it in the picture is I Knead Sour-dough, which is coming up right away in another entry, but I left it where you can see it because they are sort of similar. I Knead Sour-dough has a lot of red shimmer in it, though, which is enough to keep me from getting snippy about it like I do about Decades of Shades.

Decades of Shades is currently showing up on Amazon as a "rare color" (and it was apparently LE so that's fair) but their picture looks much more orange-leaning than I would say mine is. Still, maybe that's what I don't like about it. I'm a cool-colors person, so maybe this is just too warm a brown for me. That makes a certain amount of sense.

(I made a "least-favorite polishes" tag just for this entry - then I went back and found a few more polishes I don't like, so there's more than one thing there if you look. I didn't find too many, though - mostly if I dislike something this intensely, I get rid of it.)

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