Monday, October 24, 2016

Once Upon A Time, Today I Accomplished Zero

This is Chick Once Upon A Time and OPI Today I Accomplished Zero:
Once Upon A Time is a sheer pink with a hint of coral and a lot of shimmer - I really consider it a top-coat. And Today I Accomplished Zero (from, as you might guess, the Coca-Cola collection) is red glitter in a black base.

The last polishes I showed were coral-pink, so I found the picture above in my swatch files and I thought they would be a good transition between that and the brown polishes I am intending to show next. Neither of these looks at all brown in that picture, but Today I Accomplished Zero is a bit of a chameleon and I think does really look brown in this picture (even though it's actually not):
(If you're wondering about the Lippmann, I showed it back here.) Today I Accomplished Zero is still a current color, but Chick Polish is out of business.

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