Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Halloween polishes + orange NOTD

I went in Super Walmart looking for something else so of course I came out with nail polish:
They are Pure Ice Witch and Famous and Salon Perfect Who Ya Gonna Call? That label that says "BAT GLITTER" is apparently a highly-effective selling point because it certainly reeled me in despite the fact I'm not sure what I'm seeing in here. Looks like black and white and pale-blue and coppery-orange, and the black pieces look like they might be little tiny bats but I'm not entirely sure. But y'know, for $1.99 I shrugged and said "One way to find out..." and threw it in the cart. Then it was joined by this green Salon Perfect which was also just too tempting. It looks like it may be the same formula as Kaboom but I can't be certain (especially since I know I threw my bottle of Kaboom away). I'll report back on this. The link above for the Salon Perfect Polish does have swatches.

Meanwhile, I was playing around with my orange polishes:
This is Retro Red (which is actually red-orange) plus a couple of coats of Y'all Come Back Ya Hear (orange jelly) and then a coat of Zoya Leia, which made it too pink so I pulled it back to orange again with Candy Cane Cordial. The links here go to the posts about the various orange polishes that I've been doing lately. You can see hints of pink in this picture but it's still basically orange, which was what I wanted. Candy Cane Cordial is bumpy so I put on a coat of Gelous and that smoothed it out enough to suit me. With this many layers I didn't figure I needed a bunch of heavy top-coat.

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