Sunday, October 16, 2016

Cougar Attack

This is Spoiled Cougar Attack:
As I said before, I bought Xtreme Wear Pumpkin Spice (which is a discontinued polish) for something like $14 including shipping on eBay, and only after that did it occur to me that I might still be able to get hold of Cougar Attack - which is also discontinued - and I did in fact find it available on Amazon. I actually got two bottles for about what I paid for the one of P-spice. These polishes were both originally in the same price range ($2.99-ish) and were both originally released as LE polishes, I believe, but Cougar Attack was later a core color, thus it's not as rare. Anyway, I'm glad I now have lots of coppery glitter and I can feel free to waste it to my heart's content (more or less).

(And yes, I'm aware that "Cougar Attack" is a pretty dumb name for a polish, but the polish is awesome so I ignore the name issue.)

You can see in the picture above that Pumpkin Spice doesn't look much like Cougar Attack either in the bottle (which is the one partly visible on the left) or on the nail (which is the one above CA on the wheel) - however, they come out looking surprisingly alike on the nail, if you're willing to use up enough of the bottle of Pumpkin Spice putting on enough layers to get it tolerably opaque. This is basically how I went though the first bottle so fast, and I'm not going to make that mistake again.

This is my old bottle of Cougar Attack and one of my new ones:
The old one isn't quite as low as I was thinking it was, really, but obviously I've used quite a lot of it. It does take 2-3 coats to get opaque, but that's much better than P-spice's 4-5. This time I will be saving Pumpkin Spice for layering, as I showed back here, and Cougar Attack can become my go-to coppery glitter once again.

Added: Just because I have it, a picture of the label:

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