Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Gloucester Crescent, All Night Long

I mentioned that I had bought some stuff from Sephora, and sure enough, yesterday it turned up:
I really shouldn't have bought these, they were too expensive, but as I said before it was one of those late-night weak moments. The First Aid Beauty tube is their Ultra Repair Creme, which I adore for those weird cold-weather dry spots - I get them on my ankles, for some reason - and that was the freebie which was also an inducement. I already had a travel size of that that I had paid for (same size, different packaging) so between the two I should be well-stocked for the winter there. On the Nails Inc, I think I was drawn in by the Sweet Almond Oil and Matcha thing (what the hell is matcha again? I only remember that it's supposed to be good for you, whatever it is) but the color on that is a very dull blue-gray and I can't say I'm in love. The Lippmann polish looks really pretty and coppery in the bottle, which is why it pressed all the "I need that!" buttons in my brain.

(The sugar skull did not come from Sephora.)

Here's the swatches:
This is Lippmann Gel Lab Pro in All Night Long (another Lionel Richie earworm, why is the world doing this to me lately?) and the Nails Inc,, which is, as I said, very blue-gray. Maybe not quite as dull as I was wanting to say it was, though. (The color is Gloucester Crescent.) The Lippmann is dark brown with coppery sparks, but in my swatch you can barely see them. They do catch the light quite nicely, though.

Added: I have the Superfood Basecoat and it really makes my nails feel good so I think that's why I was intrigued by this new version. (I suspect that this is the successor to "NailKale" which just sounded too goofy - honestly my initial reaction to it was "wtf"? - until I read some highly positive reviews to it later on. "Superfood" somehow doesn't sound as goofy.)

Also I started to add something about Sephora Flash at the top, but then I decided it would look like it was a sponsored thing, which it's not. If you're not aware of Sephora's Flash shipping program, it's 2-day shipping, no minimum purchase, for a year. For $10. If you buy something from Sephora online more than once a year it more than pays for itself. (It's a great deal. However, it's also really dangerous if you're an occasionally-compulsive shopper like me. See above.)

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