Monday, October 3, 2016

NOTD: We'll Never Be Royals over Y2K

This not an ombre manicure, this is an "oil slick" duochrome (see the last entry, in which I show another one):
Color Club has a whole line of these, they're awesome.
I made a big mess of this manicure - that's what comes of trying to put on nail polish between rounds of playing a game - but at least you can see the pretty colors.

Also I have some previous manicures to talk briefly about - I don't have pictures of either one, but they're things I've worn previously anyway, and I didn't try any fancy layering on either of them. One was Cirque Lichen, which is a fall green (sort of a dark olive) that I love, only I didn't get around to putting top-coat on it so it didn't hold up very well. And then I did Insta-Dri Quick Jeanius, which is a denim-colored microglitter. I probably love that one even more than I love Lichen. (I love my fall colors anyway, have you noticed?)

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