Sunday, October 2, 2016

Tilted Halo, Rage

This is Ulta Tilted Halo and Orly Rage:
Tilted Halo is a bit of a pale gold, although not as pale as the two I showed yesterday. Rage is something different, a rose-gold metallic. Neither one of these are fantastically flattering on me - I had high hopes for Rage and I remember being terribly disappointed about that one. Most people love it, though.

The Ulta was from a long-ago holiday set of minis so it's presumably not available. I haven't double-checked on Rage, either, but last I knew of, Rage was still an Orly core color. Rage was terrifically popular when it came out - and presumably since - and I bet there are dupes of it out there, but I don't remember ever having come across one. (I bet I'd find some if I googled, but since I don't even like it on me, why bother?)

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