Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Bat My Eyes, Scrangie 2.0

This is China Glaze Bat My Eyes and Rescue Beauty Lounge Scrangie 2.0:
These aren't exactly traditional golds but I swatched them with the golds so I'm going to go ahead and show them - plus they're really seasonally appropriate right now. Bat My Eyes, as you can probably guess, was a Halloween polish back a couple of years ago, but it's listed on China Glaze's website so I assume it's a "current" color. (I don't actually think it's a core color - maybe it's a re-release?) It's awesome - it's a black jelly base packed with different gold glitters. It's highly Halloween-appropriate but I also think it would be a good polish for other festive-type occasions, like maybe New Year's Eve or other parties, especially if you had a black dress, for example, or something else that would coordinate.

The RBL was from one of their blogger collab collections. (I thought it was 3.0, which was one of their last few collections, but apparently it's 2.0 and it was from back in 2013. The polish is 2.0 as well since there was a previous Scrangie polish, I believe.) I bought the polish when RBL was closing out their stock in 2015, which I guess is how I got confused about that. The link above is Scrangie's own link about it so I guess you have to take that as gospel (so to speak). What I would say is that while it has a bunch of stuff going on in it, it mostly comes out looking sort of like a bronze/brown, which is why I say it's seasonally appropriate. I wasn't sure about it when I first got it, but it's really lovely and I've worn it a good bit even when it's not fall - something I rarely do with most "fall" colors. It has a sort of oil-slick effect going on but it's very different than the Color Club Oil Slick polishes that I was showing before.

(Note that Bat My Eyes was in my 2015 favorites.)

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