Monday, October 3, 2016

Stash additions: Color Club & more

I went another while between nail polish purchases, but then, as usual, I back-slid.

Somehow last year I missed this gorgeous Color Club collection called Oil Slick. Luckily they are still available. There are a bunch of them (see pictures here), but I settled for these two:
I was hoping the camera would be able to get the polish names in focus, but they're really small and I guess that was asking too much. At least you can see some of the duochrome effect, I think. They are stunning. Anyway, this is It's Raining Men on the left and We'll Never Be Royals on the right. It's Raining Men is a more straightforward blue-to-purple shift, as far as I can tell, but We'll Never Be Royals is not at all straightforward, although mostly what I see seems to be a purple-to-burgundy shift, with some flashes of... orange, maybe? It's hard to say what all is going on in there. Anyway, it's stunning, as I said, and I'm wearing it right now, and I'll get some pictures of that up later - but meanwhile I do have nail wheel experiments to show:
Manigeek (that's the bottom one of the two links above) tried these over black, and I decided instead to try Square Hue Y2K, which is an almost-black - or really a dark gray, of course. The Y2K bases are the "inside" pair of the 4 swatches here, and the polishes on their own are on the outside. In this picture you can't see much difference in We'll Never Be Royals, really, but It's Raining Men is noticeably darker with the Y2K base. (Really I think both are a little darker, I just can't prove it from this picture.)

The other thing I've already got in my hands is a backup bottle of China Glaze Glitter All The Way - I tried to tell myself I didn't need this, but I do love this polish and I wear it a lot, seasonally, and I don't actually think wanting a backup is unreasonable, considering how low my existing bottle is. So here's the three new arrivals together:
(All these came from various Amazon sellers.)

However, that's not all, because there's more coming. First, I found a bottle of my beloved Xtreme Wear Pumpkin Spice on eBay for a not-entirely-cutthroat price. (Here's a comparison of P-Spice with Cougar Attack, which I also have - but my bottle is getting entirely too low, thus the low-level panic. Basically what that says is that while they're not actually dupes, they do look really similar on the nail.) So then after I looked at that link, it occurred to me that I really do like Cougar Attack just about as well, and so I looked around to see if I could find it for sale - it was initially an LE release just like Pumpkin Spice, but then later it was a Spoiled core color so it was around for much longer, in the end - and I found it on Amazon, two bottles for about what I paid for the one bottle of Pumpkin Spice. So yay, my fall-glitter needs are now covered for at least the next couple of years.

And then I had a bout of late-night shopping one night (what I need is for my debit card and Paypal to shut themselves off at 4am each night for a few hours) and I have, um, something-or-other coming from Sephora. I think it's a Lippmann gel color that's another fall brown thing, because obviously I'm crazy about those... and also a Nails Inc polish, I think, which I am not sure about at all. (Maybe blue? I could look this up but it's more entertaining to trust to my vague memories of this - and this way there's an element of surprise!)

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