Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Glitter Matters

We've talked about Retro Red already, so today we're here to talk about Funky Fingers Glitter Matters:
I probably swatched this somewhere without anything under it, but I can't find it and I can't think it's important for you to see that, anyway - for that matter, since it has white glitter in it, it wouldn't show up any better at all. I think I just picked this up because it was in a 3/$5 bin but it's actually kind of cute. This is pink, white, and yellow matte glitter in what seems to be a very slightly tinted base. Over the red-orange base, the pink glitter doesn't show up all that well and it ends up looking sort of like candy corn. I may try to wear this before Halloween, for that reason, but if I do I'll probably try to make it look more like a fade and not just spread it out all over like this.

(Also this has serious label fail - I guess when a polish is that cheap you shouldn't gripe about the label likewise being cheap but it bothers me when the screenprinting is bad and the label starts wearing off like this. It's not like I've handled this bottle a ton. I've noticed a couple of other cheap polishes being the same way - some of the older Wet n Wild bottles come to mind. Surely it wouldn't be that much more expensive to get a label that's a bit more durable.)

Added, from herematte glitters ("glitter matte-r's" get it?) in pink, white, and yellow - apparently there are a couple more in this line, in other color combinations. I like this so I wish I'd seen those!

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