Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Briarwood, I Knead Sour-dough

This is A England Briarwood and OPI I Knead Sour-dough:
Briarwood is a scattered holo; it's from the Burne-Jones Dream collection back a couple of years ago, and I think I Knead Sour-dough was from OPI's San Francisco collection. Both of these are sort of marsala-type colors - remember how marsala was the color of the year and nobody knew what it was, in 2015? Well, these are basically it, a red-brown. I am not the biggest fan of these kind of holos but this is a very pretty one and I need to wear it more. And then I Knead Sour-dough is a shimmer.

I think you can still get both of these:
A England (it's out of stock there, but as far as I know it's not actually discontinued)

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