Thursday, October 27, 2016

Verismo, Cinnamon

This is Zoya Cinnamon and Jin Soon Verismo:
I really probably should have put Verismo with the golds, because that's what it really is: a blackened gold. However, it sort of reads as a darker-color metallic - due to the black, I suppose - so I swatched it with the browns. (It almost looks greenish here, but I think that's misleading.) Anyway, it is so gorgeous.

That said, Cinnamon is seriously the Best. Brown. Ever. Or it's my favorite, anyway. Zoya actually calls it a bronze, I noticed. Anyway, I know that I kept on wearing it in preference to any of my other browns, last fall.

Here's a NOTD picture of Verismo, from last spring when I first got it.
And one of Cinnamon.
Verismo on Jin Soon's website
Cinnamon on Zoya's

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