Monday, August 12, 2019


Wet n Wild released a whole set of Pac-Man stuff, which is so adorable I couldn't resist it even though it's not really anything I need at all. I did refrain from buying absolutely everything - in fact, I didn't even buy the nail polish! - because it was not very interesting colors, I thought. But I bought a couple of items from Ulta, and then more from WnW directly later on.

This is the Game Over eye palette:
I'm linking Kathleen's video below, partly because she compares this to a recent Anastasia rainbow palette, and she says it totally compares favorably, and this one is $9.99 as opposed to $45. (This whole collection is limited edition, so if you want something from it, better go grab it fast!)

Here's the lip scrub - Bonus Fruit!
I feel like they even got the font right. (Can you tell I have feelings about Pac-Man?) I bought the two items above first, and then later I kinda went on a lip scrub binge from WnW - they were having a sale - so here's my new lip-scrub collection:
I am not big on green apple scent or taste, really - the  rest of these definitely are more my kind of thing (although the green apple is okay, not obnoxiously scented at all). The pink and black one at the bottom is from the Rebel Rose collection, I think, and so far that one is my favorite.

So from WnW I also got a gift set which included many of the Pac-Man items I didn't buy the first time around:
This is the Powder Kit, and it has the blush palette, the powder brush, and the little pellets of bronzer. Kathleen also loved this brush, and I have to say I don't disagree. Plus, it has a handle full of floating glitter, so coool. (Imagine what we would have made of all this in the 80s...)

Many of the kits still seem to be on WnW's website at the moment. Don't know how long that will last, though.

I also bought another little box of pellets which is "blushlighter" but for some reason I don't seem to have a picture of that. It works much better than I expected, though, I like it. I may end up giving the bronzer away, though, because I doubt that I will use it.

And then I bought this to experiment around with. It's the kind of thing I probably will use some of the time, at least.

Here's Kathleen, with a nice take on rainbow eyes from the palette:
(I can't really visualize myself wearing it, but it's still pretty!)

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