Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Nail Collection tag, from Kelli Marissa

From YouTuber Kelli Marissa (see her video at the bottom of this post):
The Nail Polish Collection Tag!

(Since I don't do videos, you get text. I'm old-school.)
  1. How many nail polishes do you own? I have a spreadsheet that's more or less up to date, and it says I have about 900 bottles, including minis. (About 100 of them are minis, I think - and in any case that's less than KM has! But still... that's a lot of nail polish.)
  2. What was the first nail polish you remember buying? A Revlon bright pink, don't remember the name any more. This was in the 70s, when even fuchsia was still considered a little racy, and I was 12 or so, so I thought I was being very daring.
  3. What is the most recent nail polish you added to your collection? At the time I first wrote this last week, it was two polishes from Olive Ave's new summer collection, Herbology and Fey. However, I've now gotten a couple of I Scream polishes in the mail, so for now, they're actually the newest. (There's a picture of Herbology below. I'll try to get some more posts up about all this stuff!)
  4. What is your least favorite nail polish that you own? I've said it before and I'm sticking with it, OPI Decades of Shades. Total baby-poop brown. (Some people love it, so I'm thinking it's one of those warm vs. cool colors thing. I'm very much a cool-tone person, so you warms may have better luck with it!)
  5. What is your rarest nail polish? I have Hard Candy Sky, which is the one that Alicia Silverstone made famous years and years ago. It's supposedly very HTF so I imagine that one would be the winner. I've thought of trying to sell it, but I like having it even if I don't ever wear it! Also I don't have the cheap plastic rings any more that came with the old Hard Candy colors, so I imagine that would hurt its resale value.
  6. What is your most expensive nail polish? If we go by what I actually paid for it, probably a Lynnderella that I paid maybe $22 for some years ago. Most of the time I won't pay those kind of prices, though. I have a couple of designer polishes that I didn't pay full price (or anything) for - some Marc Jacobs that I bought on sale, a YSL that my sister gave me, etc. Some of those might have a higher value than the Lynnderella, I'm not sure!
  7. What brand do you own the most of? Zoya, no question - I think I have about 100. (I do love Zoya, but also they have really good sales, which is why I have so many.)
  8. What color do you own the most of? Either pink or purple, I've never really bothered to figure it out. I am super-partial to those berry colors that are right on the border between pink and purple, anyway, so it's often hard to figure out which is which!
  9. Which nail polish in your collection means the most to you? I get very attached to fall polishes, for some reason (maybe just because fall means the hot Texas summer is over!) - Xtreme Wear Pumpkin Spice - which is long discontinued - is one that I am pretty sentimental about, although there are some others, too. (see below for a picture)
  10. What is your go-to nail polish right now? I have only been changing my polish once a week, lately, and I haven't been repeating myself much. I've been on a pink tear, though, so let's say anything pink, especially bright pink (but some pale ones, too). -- I've worn more pink this year than I have in years. Not sure why, exactly.

Re question 3: here's Herbology (not particularly well-cleaned-up, sorry!) over another Olive Ave green, Aster:
(I don't really think you're seeing the full awesomeness here. I really love it.)

And re question 9: here's several fall polishes that I'm very attached to (none of which are available any more, far as I know): Lippmann All Night Long, the aforementioned Pumpkin Spice, and Spoiled Cougar Attack. (Going from this, I think the thing that makes a great fall polish for me is brown + copper! But P-spice is still the best.)

And here's Kelli:

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  1. Good to know :-D

    I cannot remember my first bought polish. But I did borrow one of my gran's polishes when I was about 8 - and that is how it all started!!!!!

    My most expensive was CG's original IDK paid over the odds for it but love it :-D