Monday, September 14, 2015

NOTD: Casablanca + Blue Rouge

So that combination in the title is what I'm wearing now, Lynnderella Blue Rouge over Sinful Colors Casablanca. I started out the day Friday with nothing on but base-coat, and I was going to put some polish on before work, and then Rob showed up unexpectedly because his car had broken down and he had already had it towed back to the mechanic's across the street from us - and I ended up just getting dressed and walking out the door with him. (The brakes went out on the car, which is scary, but everything's fine except that we have to pay to get the brakes fixed, ugh.) I took him and dropped him off at work, but it wasn't time for me to go in yet, so I went and got lunch, and then I couldn't stand it that my nails were in their natural, slightly stained condition, so I went to Walgreen's and grabbed a bottle of nail polish practically at random, and that was Casablanca. (Not quite at random; I went down the Sinful displays at the front going, "No, not glitter... I have that..." etc. -- It was a process of elimination, basically.)

I don't remember having seen Casablanca-the-polish before, but it doesn't seem to be a new color, either, as far as I could figure out. It's gray, or rather silver, and SC calls it chrome, but it's actually not. It's not shiny enough to be chrome - it's more like a satin finish. It's an interesting color. I was complaining about it on Twitter that night because I of course had put it on in the car (I guess I could have put it on at work, but that would have been just as much of a pain) and it went on in one thick coat, and I went, "Oh, wow, a one-coater," but then it Would. Not. Dry. Of course it was raining and I'm sure the general humidity did not help. I let it dry for a few minutes and then I went inside, and then I had to go back and fix it inside, because it got all messed up just walking across the street to get inside, even though  I was trying to be careful. So I imagine the answer is that you have to do thin coats instead of allowing it to go on in one thick one, anyway. I'll report back after I actually try that.

I picked up that particular bottle of polish partly because I was thinking it looked like a layering polish, so of course when I got home, I went looking for something to layer over it. I looked at the little line of Lynnderellas and I picked out Blue Rouge as being the most silvery - I figured it would mesh with the silveryness of Casablanca. And it did. (I still am awfully crappy at fade manis, though. Practice! I need to practice!)

It has occurred to me that while I mentioned using Instant Artificials, what I haven't mentioned is that my current base-coat of choice is Bridge the Ridge. (Instant Artificials first, then Bridge the Ridge, then polish.) I have been trying out ridge-fillers just because I realized that my fingernails do tend to have ridges, but honestly I mostly just like the feel of this one. And the results as far as wear also seem to be good.

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