Saturday, September 12, 2015

NYFW trendspotting

I've been looking at a lot of Fashion Week pictures, and here's some things that I noticed recurring instances of. (Some magazine's website - Harper's Bazaar or Elle or somebody like that - has this recurring series that says, "three's a trend" - in some cases I haven't seen these things more than a few times; in others it's much more.)
  • mustard and gold colors - more than I remember seeing in ages, really. (I thought of saying "since the 70s" but it's not in any sort of 70s-like volume, just here and there. It's been there in a number of different shows, though.)
  • raised waistlines - everything from just slightly raised to a obi sash tied right under the bust. But conversely, a few lowered ones, too, notably a really low one on a jumpsuit that seemed new.
  • slashed-up sleeves, in various ways (other stuff was slashed-up, too, but the sleeves really jumped out at me as something I hadn't seen a lot of before)
  • fringe is still in
  • sheer is still in
  • overalls are still around, and they seem to be growing on me, a bit - partly because designers are using them in ways that are more interesting than the old ones, I think
  • lots of high-low hems, on tops as well as on skirts
  • I was kind of mocking Vogue about the "fall romance" thing on the cover - but boy, there's apparently going to be plenty of spring romance around next year, too. Lots of voile and pretty prints and eyelet, all that stuff. Oh, and capes - capes are sort of romantic, right?
(And this is just my impressions from the first couple of days.)

Added: I was thinking earlier about my comment up there about the mustard/gold colors - surely they haven't been ignored entirely for 35 years, which is how long it's been since the end of the 70s! I'm thinking they must have had a moment some year when I wasn't paying attention. The odds say more than once, really, in 35 years... (It was probably a year when I was all into baseball or something.)

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