Thursday, September 10, 2015

Recent NOTDs + a throwback Thursday

I haven't remembered to take any pictures of anything lately. In the last few days I suspect that's partly because I'm totally enthralled by Fashion Week (which is a whole other story), but I'm not sure what my excuse is before that.

Let's see, at the bottom of the last entry - which is hella long and not about nail polish so I wouldn't be surprised to find out that nobody read down that far - I mention wearing I Know You Are But What Am I? from Black Cat Lacquer. (I'm not going to keep repeating that I don't have pictures after this, because we've established that already.) And it was very pretty mattified, and it also lasted very well for a red. Without the matte, it will be an awesome holiday polish.

After that I wore Models Own Pitch Purple, which is the other thing I bought from the Llarowe closeout sale. It's a super-dark, super-shiny purple - it doesn't quite look black but it's close. It's the first Models Own polish I've bought, and I was impressed - it went on well and it lasted well.

And after that I actually left my nails unpolished for an entire day, except for Instant Artificials. I've been remembering to wear that lately, and I really like it. It goes on really hard and shiny - which makes it good for wearing on its own, actually. It's your natural nails, except all protected and shiny! Anyway, the bottle I have came from somebody's blog sale a while back, and I see on Sally's website that they have changed the bottle. As long as it still works, I'll probably go buy some more when this is gone.

And now I'm wearing No More Waity Katie from Butter London. Which makes this a Throwback Thursday, because I've had this bottle for several years. This is a pretty classic color, to me, but I think it's come and gone a couple of times in the years since the Royal Wedding, and as far as I know right now it's discontinued. If you don't know about this one already, it's a really odd purple-gray which looks completely gray in some lights. But it's a cool color and I don't know of anything else that's much like it.
This is certainly not a great picture, but it wasn't a great manicure - by which I mean that as usual, my application is faulty. It's a little balky to apply, is my only complaint about the polish.

(Apparently this is the first picture I've taken of my nails at work since Are You Jelly? which seems like ages ago.)

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