Monday, October 5, 2015

NOTD: Bubblegum Punk and Scrangie 2.0

I haven't done a NOTD post in ages. My nails actually are bare right now but they mostly have not been, I just haven't been talking about it much. Mostly I've been wearing the two new RBLs that I bought a while back. I wore Scrangie 2.0 once and I've worn Bubblegum Punk several times, a couple over other things and once by itself. I'm not in love with it by itself - I like it better over something. And here it is over... well, something:
I wore it once over purple (some SOPI, I think it was Just A Little Dangerous) and once over Here Today Aragon Tomorrow. They were both dark colors and this appears to be the purple but honestly it was kind of hard to tell the difference. B'gum Punk is translucent but it also has a ton of holo-ness in it, enough that it pretty much obscures the actual color that's under it. You can tell light or dark but that's about it. I tried taking pictures of the mani where I had it by itself and the pictures all sucked. I can tell you that I did three coats and it was not anything near opaque. It would look almost pearly white and almost opaque one second and almost clear the next. (In fact my co-worker who always notices my nails said "You have on clear nail polish!" and I was horrified - 3 coats of $20 nail polish should not look clear! But I don't really think it did. Not that I actually paid $20 for it, in any case, but still.)

Scrangie did in fact have the oil-slick look as advertised - it was almost as hard to pin down to a color as the one above.
It really is sort of a fall-ish color, I still say that - you just can't quite say what color. It looks sort of bronze/brown or green most of the time. It's very cool.

(I don't know what I'm going to wear next. I have a new orange that I might go ahead and wear, even though it's not that close to Halloween yet. Or it may be something else, I'm not sure yet!)

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