Saturday, October 10, 2015

Copper NOTD + new polishes

I got more compliments on this manicure than I've gotten in ages:
It's InstaDri Chop Chop Copper - which was an LE color from a couple of years ago - over Square Hue Y2K, which just came in the Square Hue box pictured below. Y2K is an almost-black - I guess it's dark charcoal gray, although in some lights it almost looked green. I actually intended to put a different copper polish over this, but I couldn't find the one I was thinking of, so I used this instead. And it's great. Chop Chop Copper is pretty thin, and I used 3 (very light) coats and the darkness of Y2K still shows through - which is good, that's what I wanted.

So Y2K came from (naturally) Square Hue's 90s collection.

The three polishes are Vogue (for 1990), Desert Storm (for 1991), and of course Y2K for 1999:

Desert Storm isn't exactly up my alley, but the other two are strong shimmers and so I'm happy. (I would say that I'll use it as a underlayer, except that's exactly what I said about the tan color from the Milan collection a year ago, and I'm not sure I've ever used it at all. Or who knows, maybe I'll go crazy and actually just paint my nails sand-color. For me, that would be a trip.)

(And if anybody has actually been keeping track here, yes, this is the first Square Hue you've seen since the 1900s collection back in January. I cancelled it and managed to stay away for, what, 8 whole months?)

Anyway, the only thing I've actually gone out and ordered lately was one orange holo glitter from an indie called Top Shelf. Because, well, orange holo glitter is exactly what we all need for Halloween, right? And I got some pretty nice goodies along with it:
Oh, the orange holo glitter is called Candy Cane Cordial, I forgot to mention that part. And then she also sent some cuticle oil, and some earrings, or maybe they're supposed to be wine charms, I'm not sure. (They don't match, but that doesn't necessarily answer the question, since earrings don't necessarily match these days either.) The cuticle oil is peach-scented, which I wasn't quite sure about, but it smells good - it's very light and more like a real peach than like some chemical pseudo-peach thing. (Was there actually some awful chemical peach scent you could get in the early 70s, maybe? Most of you are probably too young to have any hope of answering that - but my scent-memory says absolutely yes.) Anyway, big thumbs up on Top Shelf - I have swatched the actual polish on a nail wheel but forgot to take a picture of that. I'll of course be wearing the polish very soon anyway.

(And the usual disclaimer applies, or rather no disclaimer is necessary, because I paid full retail price for the polish and I'm assuming that being a blogger with a couple of dozen readers on a good day is not enough to warrant extra freebies just for the fact of being a blogger - which I didn't disclose in any case. My guess is that everybody gets some, although I didn't ask and so I obviously can't promise on that score.)

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