Friday, January 11, 2019

More Ciate minis

More days on the advent calendar. The descriptions in quotes come from the maker.

Day 17 - Pepperminty
Ciate just says "light green creme" but I think they put the better descriptor in the name - wouldn't most people call this mint green?

Day 18 - Tempest
"Blue-green shimmer" - guess you can't quibble with that. You can see from the picture that it's also extremely sheer.

Day 19 - Fly Away
"Purple creme" - I'd be inclined to say violet, instead, because of it being on the blue side, but I guess now we are just quibbling.

Day 20 - Cookies & Cream
"Cream nude creme" - even I won't quibble with that one. (I would note, though, that I gave this one to my sister, because I knew I was extremely unlikely to wear it.)

Day 21 - Paradise Lost
Before we had a rose-gold pearl, now we have a "rose gold shimmer." I'll have to do comparison pictures. They are noticeably different, for sure.

Day 22 - Red Hot Chili
Well, ok, it is indisputably a "red creme" - again, they left you another clue in the name, though. This is even more indisputably a chili pepper red, or to put it another way, an orange-leaning red.

Day 23 - Up In The Clouds
"Light pink pearl" - I think this is really pretty, although I haven't worn it yet.

And that only leaves day 24, which was the big day on which we got a full-size polish. I will tell you now, though, that it was a shaped glitter, and I was underwhelmed. But oh well, you can't have everything. (I will of course post that picture when I remember to take one!)

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