Monday, January 27, 2020

Zoya Dannii, Faye & Fern

I am so behind on posting stuff - part of me is tempted just to skip it all, but no, I'm determined to get the bulk of this posted here, if nothing else just so *I* have an easier time keeping track of what I bought when later on.

So, I ordered these Zoyas from a promo... I don't know how long ago, maybe last summer? I've completely lost track. It might even have been for Earth Day. But I do remember poking around and looking for colors I'd like to have, and I came up with Dannii, Faye, and Fern. Looking at Zoya's "ZP" numbers, which are sequential, the first two are older polishes but Fern is much more recent.
I'm not sure I've even worn any of these yet.

I looked it up, and Dannii is from spring 2011 - the Intimate collection. Zoya calls it a "metallic shimmer" in medium purple.

Faye is also from 2011, but from the summer Sunshine collection, which one of the ones with all the glass-flecks, I believe. Zoya calls it a "bronzed mauve metallic" - it's sort of in grandma-color territory, but that's not always a bad thing.

And then Fern is from last spring's Innocence collection, "a balanced sage with a beautiful warm pearl accent."

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