Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Stash: glitter and creme strays

More strays - some glittery top-coats, a couple of cremes, and Pretty Gritty, which is almost a class by itself (I'll get to that below):
top row:
  • Black Creme (Wild Shine) - I had a picture of this in the old bottle, but since this is not the same bottle style, I felt like I had to put this one in for completeness' sake. As far as I know, it's exactly the same basic black creme that I talked about back in the very first installment of cremes. (I do have to admit, though, that I particularly wanted the new bottle because of its very small footprint. I wanted to start keeping it out with my "manicure basics" - i.e., base-coat and top-coat and all that kind of thing, and I liked the idea that it wouldn't take up much room.)
  • Pretty Gritty (Rescue Beauty Lounge) - I suppose this is technically a shimmer, but it's an unusual one, which is how it ended up in the post with a bunch of glitters. It's a dusty purple with gold shimmer, and it's really beautiful. This is from RBL's collab with Refinery 29.
bottom row (except for the lone nail art polish, these are all top-coats):
  • TNT (Formula X) - from the Effects Top Coat line, this is cobalt blue matte hexes of various sizes in a clear base.
  • Boom (Formula X) - this is from the same line as the one above, and it's exactly the same idea - mixed matte hexes, but this one is a cornflower-ish blue. (Here's a mani over dark blue.)
  • Fairy Snot (Chick) - iridescent top coat, which shimmers in a multicolored way, very pretty.
  • Hot Couture (Color Club) - another iridescent glitter similar to Fairy Snot, above, but in a rose-pink kind of base. This looks awesome over paler pinks, that's the main way I've worn it so far.
  • Bad Chick (Sinful Colors Nail Art) - I just don't do nail art, as much as I kept trying to persuade myself in the past that I was going to start. So this polish has mostly just sat and moldered. I did use it once, for painting stripes on a 4th of July mani a couple of years ago. There's not really much to say about a white striping polish, anyway. It's white, it has a skinny brush... and it's apparently discontinued, since it was seen at Dollar Tree back a couple of years ago.

(I felt compelled to put in both bottle styles of Black Creme, but I didn't take "completeness' sake" so far as to take pictures of backup bottles where both (or all) the bottles look completely alike. (The only color polishes I have three of are Black Creme, as of last week, and Colorstay Rainforest, because I bought two more bottles when it was on clearance. I also have two bottles of Colorstay Amethyst, and there are a couple of top-coats I have multiples of, but I think that's it.)

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