Monday, August 24, 2015

Bright pinks

I realized, when I looked, that I have no less than FOUR bright-pink (or violet-pink) nail polishes that I have bought or was given in recent months. Rob gave me Free Spirit for my birthday as part of a duo, and then I bought the other three on my own. I didn't think at the time that any of them were particularly similar. And, well, they are and they aren't:
L-R: Ichi Hanami, Are You Jelly?, Free Spirit, Hyped (1 coat of Ichi Hanami, 2 coats of all the rest)

(note: I said below that I thought Hyped wasn't available from Sephora, but I was just poking around there and it is, as of 8/29. Four bucks, such a bargain!)

Depending on the light, these four can look pretty similar. I'm not entirely sure that the picture above is 100% accurate to what I was seeing, but you can get the general idea quite well. Ichi Hanami is somewhat redder, and has a metallic/foil finish. Hyped, on the right, is somewhat more purple, and very shimmery, although you can't really see either of those finishes too well here.

It's the two in the center that are closer. Are You Jelly? and Free Spirit look pretty close to identical in the bottle in some lights, but you can see that they are in fact not. Are You Jelly? is not really what I would call a traditional jelly (it's a semi-jelly? I dunno), because it's not all that squishy and closer to opaque than most jellies. Free Spirit is a creme (Actually Polish Hound says it's a crelly. I'm never sure of a crelly when I see one unless it's very obviously jelly-like, but it certainly is not much more opaque than Are You Jelly is.) Both of these are pretty close to opaque in two coats. but Are You Jelly? is slightly more purple and slightly lighter, where Free Spirit is more pink and a little darker.

And because I haven't put the brand-names anywhere else, here are the bottles, in the same order:
Ichi Hanami is from Pretty Serious' Museum of Naileontology collection, as I recall. I'm not sure offhand what collection Are You Jelly? was originally in, but it's been around for a couple of years so I'm pretty sure it's in China Glaze's permanent/core line. Free Spirit, as I said, came as a duo, with Frozen as the other polish, and I want to say it was called the Sister Duo, which if you've seen Frozen makes sense - or for that matter, probably you can puzzle that one out to some degree even if you haven't, since the movie and its merchandise has been totally inescapable for, what, going on a couple of years now. (I hadn't seen it until recently, myself.) Aaaand, well, I don't remember which collection Formula X Hyped was in, either, but in any case I think it's discontinued, since I bought it marked down rather severely recently. The others are still around, as far as I know, and I imagine Hyped can still be found, too. (But it's late, and I'm not looking right now.)

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